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“Give Thanks to the Lord” is taken entirely from Psalm 118. It’s an upbeat song in E-Major, using a 3/4 time signature. This song is ideal for either the Responsorial Psalm or a Recessional / Sending Forth song. Download the PDF music piece and watch the video.

PDF of the musical piece

Story Behind the Song:
I’ve always loved the Psalms. Because they were made to be sung, and because they put into words the deepest longings of the human heart. I took verses 1-4 and turned it into the chorus for this song. The rest of the verses fell into place once I finalized the chord structure. The song was written in May 12, 2007.

Read the entire Psalm 118 (NAB) here.

Usage Notes:
The song can be used as a sung Responsorial Psalm during the Mass. However, due to the upbeat uptempo nature of the song, it could also be used as a final song during the recessional or sending forth. It could also be useful for praise and worship during prayer meetings.

Halo Over Moscow by adam baker

Halo Over Moscow by adam baker on Flickr.