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This is a new song setting for the Hail Mary — the traditional Catholic prayer from the Angelic Salutation of Luke 1:28. The song is in D major, at a moderate tempo and a 4/4 time signature. Music written in 2007 for the parish of St. Joachim, in Hayward, CA.

Download Links
PDF of musical piece + chords and lyrics (unison)
MP3 of full instrumental backing track (minus one)
MIDI file of piano instrumental – backing track for MIDI keyboards
MUS file (FINALE notation program) used to construct the music piece

Story Behind the Music:
I wrote the music in response to a need for a more singable Marian song for the parish. While our songbook contains Hail Mary Gentle Woman, and Ave Maria, it doesn’t actually have a simple, no-frills Hail Mary set to music. So I set out to write something simple and uplifting.

The only problem I encountered once the melody was created was the insertion of the lyric “sinners” after “Pray for us.” I couldn’t find a good solution for the lyrics that wouldn’t wreck the melodic structure and erase that tiny pause before the last line, so in the end, despite my reservations, I kept the word out.

Usage Notes:
This is a sung prayer and should only be sung at Mass as a final song or a sending forth/recessional during one of the feast days for the Blessed Virgin Mary. It would be perfect as part of a living rosary.

The Virgin Adoring the Host, 1852 by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
The Virgin Adoring the Host, 1852 by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres