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“Our Help is From the Lord (Psalm 121) is a song about trusting completely in the Lord’s help and providence. It is written in a classical style using the key of C Major, 4/4 time signature.

This is the Responsorial Psalm for the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle C. (October 17, 2010). Based on Psalm 121, the text is taken straight from the Lectionary except for two minor edits in verse 2 and 3, to make the lyrics fit.

Download Links:
PDF of music piece (SATB + piano and chords)
Musescore file of the music piece – page 1
Musescore file of the music piece – page 2 and 3

Story Behind the Song:
With this song, I hope to begin a weekly upload that sets the Responsorial Psalm for each Sunday’s Mass into music. This was basically inspired by a lot of classical music I’ve been listening to lately — mostly Bach — but simplified for church use.

I wrote the music on an old music notebook while washing bedsheets, pillows, and stuffed toys at the laundromat near my parish church. Talk about making good use of the time! So it was basically finished and notated within one and a half hours.

Usage Notes:
The words for the response are sung twice. The first for the cantor and the second time for the congregation. However, after the initial response, the congregation can sing the entire response. Glory to God!

Photo of Hand Of God - by Kevin Jones on Flickr

Hand Of God by Kevin Jones on Flickr