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Responsorial Psalm for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle C. (October 24, 2010)

This is a song about God’s love for the poor, the weak, and the broken-hearted — how He will deliver them in their time of distress. Downloads after the jump.

Download Links:
PDF of music piece (SATB + piano on refrain, melody+ chords for verses)
MuseScore file of music piece

Story Behind the Song:
This was another quick composition that was originally written in D-minor but I transposed it down to B-minor in order to accommodate lower voices.

I chose a minor key to signify the sadness of the poor and lowly. But also a 3/4 (waltz) time signature to show how hope in the Lord can turn tears into joy. I also was trying to approximate the “feel” of traditional Jewish melodies by using the minor key.

As in my most recent compositions, this was written on an index card (using letter notes instead of musical notation) before being finalized on guitar. I find that if you can come up with a melody without even touching your musical instrument, chances are good that your melody will be much stronger and more memorable.

Usage Notes:
For shorter Responsorial Psalm settings, it is always good to repeat the response twice at the start so the congregation can get it, and then twice at the end to signify to congregation and choir that the song is ending.

Please remember to practice any sung responsorial psalm with the congregation BEFORE the Mass starts! And may God bless your music ministry!

Street Beggar with Hijab. Photo by Kamshots on Flickr

Street Beggar with Hijab. Photo by Kamshots on Flickr