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Responsorial Psalm for the 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle C.
Also for the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle A.

My King and My God (Psalm 145) is a joyful praise song acclaiming God as the Lord who does mighty things for us. It is written in C-Major, 4/4 time signature, in a slightly lively tempo.

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Story Behind the Song:
Based on Psalm 145, the lyrics were taken straight out of the lectionary. I wrote the music in a slightly lively classical style since it is talking about praising God — which should be a joyful activity! This would be great with a nice big pipe organ accompaniment. But piano and/or guitar will do the job nicely.

Usage Notes:
It’s a good practice in a sung Responsorial Psalm to sing the response twice at the beginning and ending of the song. It’s also a good practice to practice the response with the congregation BEFORE the Mass starts. Don’t be shy. After all, you are serving them in a musical capacity.

The Church Bell at St. Joachim
The Church Bell at St. Joachim Church. Photo by Lionel Valdellon.