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Taken from Psalm 17, this is the Responsorial Psalm for the 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle C.

It’s a plaintive song about hoping, trusting in, and yearning for, the Lord’s coming. It is done in a moderate tempo, 3/4 time signature and in the key of C.

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Story Behind the Song:
There’s no real interesting story behind this one. The text is straight from the Lectionary used for Mass. I wrote the music using notation paper which I printed out from one of the free PDF templates online. (Cheaper than buying a notebook!) I put up a RESOURCES page on the blog so you can download all the free tools I use from there. On second thought, there’s a story behind the video. If you’ve been following along these past weeks, you’ll notice the location has changed a bit. I recorded this near the end of a park walkway… because the park services took down the tree I used to sit near for shade. How sad. Now I’m at the mercy of passers-by who may or may not be talking loudly on their cellphones as they walk through the park on their lunch break. 😀

Usage Notes:
 The video (hopefully) shows the ideal format for a sung Responsorial Psalm:

  1. Play melody of entire response as the intro.
  2. Cantor sings the response the first time.
  3. Cantor sings response again with hands raised to signal that the choir and congregation join in.
  4. Cantor sings verses, while choir/congregation sings responses only once in-between verses.
  5. Sing the last response twice and slow down for the ending.

Parting Notes:

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"To Beseech Thee." Photo by The Wandering Angel on Flickr
To Beseech Thee. Photo by The Wandering Angel on Flickr