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Responsorial Psalm for the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary time, Cycle C.

Based on Psalm 98, this is a joyful song of praise in anticipation of the Lord’s coming. It’s in the key of D major, 4/4 time signature.

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Story Behind the Song:
The text is taken straight from the Lectionary for the Mass. But the music was written and finished on November 1, All Saint’s Day, using a small music writing notebook, a pen, and a park bench!

Usage Notes:
Sing refrain twice at the start and twice at the end. All other times, once is enough.
Because there are many fast chord changes to this song, it is more ideal for a piano /organ accompaniment. But if you only have a guitar, feel free to simplify the chords and only play the first chord in every measure.

Vision of Heaven by Ottheinrich Bibel
Vision of Heaven by Ottheinrich Bibel.