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Responsorial Psalm for the Second Sunday in Advent, Cycle A. (December 5, 2010).

A royal psalm where the Israelite king is God’s chosen representative and becomes God’s instrument of divine justice and judgment.

Download Links:

Story Behind the Song:
I wrote the music to this psalm while waiting in line to renew my passport at the Philippine Embassy in San Francisco. Which just goes to show you, you can choose to focus even if the overhead TV mesmerizes everyone else with yet another episode of Wowowee (a daily Filipino game show on TV).

Instead of using the words directly from the lectionary, I opted to use more of the verses as they appear in the New American Bible (NAB), shortening and editing to make the words fit the melody. I found the NAB verses of Psalm 72 much more poetic and palatable than the often-confusing lectionary wordings.

Usage Notes:
Repeat response twice at the start and twice at the end. All other times only once.

Take note that on the musical piece, some chords are in parentheses. You may choose to play them or ignore them. They’re optional.

I added an MP3 file in the download links — it’s simply the audio taken from the YouTube video. Maria from La Union, Philippines requested via the comments that I produce an MP3 or the MIDI files of each responsorial psalm so she could practice the song even when away from the computer. Since I have no way of easily making MIDI files on a weekly basis (time constraints), I’m providing an MP3 instead. Hope this helps not only Maria but the rest of you as well.

Last Word:
I hope this is useful to your parish music ministry. I’d love to hear from you if you do. Hit the comments below or contact me via Facebook or Twitter. Glory to God!

An illustration of an Israelite king

An illustration of an Israelite king