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This is the responsorial psalm for the 4th Sunday in Advent, Cycle A (December 19, 2010). Taken from Psalm 24, it is a joyful welcoming of the king of glory to his throne.

This is the last responsorial psalm for the Advent season. After this is Christmas! Alleluya!

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Story Behind the Song:
I enjoy songs using strong chord progressions. One such progression which you might find in a lot of pop, rock and world music is a song built in the key of A-major but then using a lot of the G chord in it. I wrote the music using this as a template: A – G – D/F#.

Usage Notes:
Sing the response twice at the start BUT ONLY ONCE at the end. Otherwise it might be too long and repetitious for the congregation.

If using a guitar, feel free to strum loudly during the response! 😀

Final Word: Volunteers?
Again, in the interest of saving time, I’ve handwritten the music piece. If I can find a better way to structure my time, (or if I win a netbook in a raffle somewhere) I could potentially return to using MuseScore for the music pieces. But right now, I’m trying to create as much lead time between releasing the music on the website and when you actually need to use it for Mass. And handwriting the pieces saves me some of that time.

As always, sing with your heart when you sing for the Lord!

The Lord Jesus enters Jerusalem as the King of Peace.

The Lord Jesus enters Jerusalem as the King of Peace.