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This is a joyful song of praise proclaiming the Lord’s wondrous deeds and saving power. It is the responsorial psalm for Christmas day.

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Usage Notes:
As always, sing the response twice at the start and twice at the end.

Take note in verses 3 and 4– right before the last two words (“sing praise,” and “the Lord”), there should be a very slight, dramatic pause in instruments and voice.

Story Behind the Song:
The music of this psalm was originally written for the Mass celebrating the Immaculate Conception back in December 1991. The original response was “Sing to the Lord a new song for He has done marvelous deeds,” which was the responsorial psalm for the Immaculate Conception mass. I kept the melody of the verses (added the 4th verse) and changed the response to fit the text of the response for this Mass. Creative recycling!

Final Word:
This is the THIRD in the series of psalms for Christmas. I’m all out of gas at this point. 😀 Hope you can use at least one of the three in your parish or music ministry. Praise God!

Visual of a globe with energy rings around it. By Mishel Churkin on Flickr.

Globe post card sample 2. Visual by Mishel Churkin on Flickr.