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This song proclaims the birth of Jesus our savior. It is the responsorial psalm for the Christmas Midnight Mass, and is taken from Psalm 96.

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Usage Notes:
Sing response twice at the start and twice at the end.
If using a guitar: strum it joyfully!

Story Behind the Song:
The response starts in A-minor but resolves in A-major, symbolizing the journey from darkness to glorious light that Jesus’s birth brings us on.

The music for this was written one night after putting baby Zion and wifey Agnes to sleep. I brought my music writing notebook to bed and wrote as much as I could before falling asleep. I find that it’s much more efficient to find little pockets of time to get the work done instead of waiting for a big chunk of time to free up. (It never does.)

Final Word:
This is the second of THREE responsorial psalms for Christmas. I realize some people might ask: “Whatever possessed you to do this crazy thing?” My response: “The Holy Spirit! It’s all Him!” Praise God with your song!

Nativity scene.

Nativity. Photo by midiman on Flickr.