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Based on several verses from the Acts of the Apostles, this is a lively sending forth/recessional song asking for the Holy Spirit’s power to go forth and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus with our lives.

Download the music sheet and the guitar chord sheet after the jump.

Download Links:
PDF of the music piece
MuseScore file of the music piece
PDF of Guitar Chord sheet + Lyrics

Scriptural Basis:
Based on Acts of the Apostles 3:1-10, 3:19, 4:20-30, 5:16, 6:7

Usage Notes:
This is a recessional/sending forth/final song for the Mass. However be aware that there are a lot of syncopated portions in the song. It is not for beginner choirs/cantors as the fast tempo also makes it challenging.

The music piece gives you the chorus in full, four-part harmony. I suggest you master the entire song in unison FIRST, before getting bogged down by the SATB voicing. For unison voicing, use the soprano melody only.

Note that in the SATB voicing, some sections have only one melodic line per staff. Feel free to give this to all men/women, or only the voices that can reach the notes. I leave that to the discretion of you musical directors.

Story Behind the Song:
When the Mass has a second reading taken from Acts, it’s often quite difficult to find matching songs for the liturgy. Hence I’ve always wanted to write a song based on Acts of the Apostles — one that acknowledges all the wonderful miracles that built up and nurtured the early church as well as asked for the same Holy Spirit’s guidance in today’s church.

“Signs and Wonders” is rhythmically inspired by David Haas’ song “God of All Creation” from his As Water to the Thirsty album — possibly one of the most influential albums that shaped how I compose liturgical music.

Final Word:
I hope this is useful in your music ministries. Feel free to leave a comment on what you thought of the music, or if you were able to sing it at church. Praise God!

Pentecost (1732). Painting by  Jean ll Restout.

Pentecost (1732). Painting by Jean ll Restout.