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This is the responsorial psalm for the 8th Sunday in Ordinary time, Cycle A.
The song talks about relying on God alone for our soul’s shelter, protection and strength.

Download the music sheet and MP3 after the jump.

Download Links:
PDF of the music piece.
MuseScore file for the music piece.
MP3 of the audio taken from the video.

Usage Notes:
Sing the response twice at the start and twice at the end.

Story Behind the Song:
In short responsorial psalm settings, it’s often difficult to use a melody that doesn’t resolve itself at the last note. How do you end it? Will it sound unfinished if you use that note as the last melodic note of the song? Sometimes I have to make a conscious effort to resolve my psalm responses. Meaning if the response starts on a D chord, I end with the D chord, and the melody falls into one of the notes in the D-Major chord.

This time however, I opted to end with an unresolved note — leaving it almost dangling in the air. It starts in the D chord but ends in a G major chord.

Prayerware Intention:
You are free to use this music, copy it, re-post it, spread it, duplicate it, and do whatever you want with it as long as it meets two requirements:

(1) It is for non-commercial purposes and:
(2) Please pray for the intention this week: the sick and suffering.

One of Pope Benedict XVI’s prayer intentions for the month of February is: those suffering from disease. May Christian communities, especially those in mission areas, witness to the presence of Christ by serving those who suffer from disease. May the sick find shelter and peace and hope in Jesus’ promise of everlasting life.

Final Word:
If this music is a blessing to you, feel free to spread the word. And join us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/MassMusicByLionel) so you get the latest updates, music pieces and videos, even before they hit this blog!

God bless your music ministries. May you be used to spread the love and joy of Jesus our Lord through the music He’s blessed you with.

Caravaggio's painting of the holy family resting on their flight to Egypt.

Rest on Flight to Egypt. Painting by Caravaggio 1596-97.