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This upbeat gathering /entrance song is based on 2 Chronicles 30:6-9 and is a call to all Christians to return to the Lord in repentance and serve Him in His house, the church. If you slow down the tempo, it would make a good gathering song for the liturgical season of Lent.

Download the music sheet after the jump.

Download Link:
PDF of the music piece.
Crescendo file used to construct the music piece.

Usage Notes:
Gathering songs and entrance songs are usually lively praise songs. What makes this one different is the fact that the song is a call to repentance — to turn back to the Lord and serve Him in His house, the church. As such, it would make a good song for the season of Lent. Just make sure to slow the tempo down a bit in order to preserve the serious and reflective mood of Lent.

Story Behind the Song:
If you want to be blessed, read through some of the prayers in the Old Testament. The language is perfectly fit for music, the spirit of praise or helplessness so intense, it almost calls out for artistic interpretation. I found this prayer in 2 Chronicles 30 and realized it would make a wonderful gathering hymn with its invitation to repent and return to the Lord.

I’ve had this song in the notebooks for about 2 years now but never got the chance to finalize the video or the music piece. But here it is now, just in time to be used for Lent.

Prayer-Ware Intention:
You are free to use this music, copy it, re-post it, spread it, duplicate it, and do whatever you want with it as long as it meets two requirements:

(1) It should be for non-commercial purposes and:
(2) Please pray for this specific intention: for the healthy delivery and growth of all unborn babies throughout the world but especially in developed nations where abortion is on the rise. May the Holy Spirit illuminate the minds of these mothers carrying children in their wombs that they might always choose life.

Final Word:
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God bless your music ministries. May you be used to spread the love and joy of Jesus our Lord through the music He’s blessed you with.

Detail from the Isenheim Altarpeice by Matthias Grunewald, 1432.

The Isenheim Altarpeice by Matthias Grunewald, 1432.