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This is a communion or offertory song inviting all to the Eucharistic Table at Holy Mass. In response to Jesus’ sacrifice, we are asked to prepare the way for His coming by sharing what we have with the less fortunate and being beacons of light in a world of dark. I composed this in 2005 for the BlueNotes Choir in Manila.

Downloads after the jump: the PDF music sheet, MP3 of the vocal song, MP3 of the instrumental version.

Download Links:
PDF of the music piece – for four voices (SATB).
Finale file used to construct the music piece – for SATB.

MIDI file of the music (piano only).
MP3 of the instrumental version. (2.1 MB)
MP3 of the full vocal song. (2.1 MB)

Scriptural Basis:
The Chorus and Verse 1 are based on Mark 14: 22-24 with Jesus breaking the bread at the last supper.
Verse 2 is based on Matthew 24:36 “But of that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.”
Verse 3 is based on Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a mountain cannot be hidden.”

Usage Notes:
The song is constructed with 2 choruses (antiphons), which allow you to shorten or lengthen the song as needed.

If you’re singing the 4-voice SATB arrangement, ideally you bring in the voicing one by one, not all at once. Or, you could simply sing the first chorus in unison and the rest of the song in 4 voices.

Story Behind the Song:
This is a song I composed in November 2005 for the Philippine choir I was musical director for– the BlueNotes Choir. It was written out of a need for an English communion song that focused on the body and blood of Jesus as bread and wine. I know there are many out there, but at the time, I had no access to any of the music publishers. I constructed the verses drawing from the idea that if Jesus sacrificed himself for us, we who call Him Lord and Master must do the same by sharing what we have and being a light for the world.

Prayer-ware Intention:
Feel free to use this music for all non-commercial purposes. I ask for no payments or donations. I do however ask that you pray for an intention for each song you use. For this song, please pray for: all those unemployed — that they may soon find work and livelihood and discover God’s blessing in their lives.

Final Word:
If this music is a blessing to you, feel free to spread the word. Join me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/MassMusicByLionel) so you get the latest music pieces and videos — much earlier than on this blog. Why? It’s much easier to immediately post a link to an uploaded music piece or video via Facebook than it is to sit down and write a complete blog entry!

God bless your music ministries. May you be used to spread the love and joy of Jesus our Lord through the music He’s blessed you with.

Mass at Saint Joachim's Church in Hayward, CA.

Mass at Saint Joachim's Church in Hayward, CA.