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“Keep My Heart Pure” is a song of devotion asking the Lord for His grace to be holy. It can be used for devotional purposes or for a recessional song during Lent.

Download the music sheet and the MP3 file after the jump.

Download Links:
PDF of the music piece.
MuseScore file used to assemble the music piece.
MP3 file of the audio taken from the video.

Usage Notes:
This song can be used for devotional purposes, especially for prayer meetings or bible study. Another usage for it could be as a recessional song/sending forth song during Lent as the theme of holiness and purity is especially poignant during the Lenten season.

Story Behind the Song:
I wrote this song during Lent of 2011, with the majority of the chorus composed while driving home from work one day. I fleshed out the verses and the lyrics later that night.

Prayer-ware Intention:
Feel free to use this music for all non-commercial purposes. I ask for no payments or donations. I do however ask that you please pray for an intention for each song you use. If you use this song, please pray for all those who have left the Catholic church that they may see the truth in Christ and return.

Final Word:
If this music is a blessing to you, feel free to spread the music. Join me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/MassMusicByLionel) so you get the latest music pieces and videos.

God bless your music ministries. May you be used to spread the love and joy of Jesus our Lord through the music He’s blessed you with.