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Responsorial Psalm for the 7th Sunday in Easter, Cycle A.
A song of hope in the Lord’s promise of heaven.

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Download Links:
PDF of the musical piece.
MuseScore file used to assemble musical piece.

Usage Notes:
Sing the response twice at the start and end of the song. Sing only once in between verses.

If your parish celebrates the Ascension on a weekday, then use this psalm for the 7th Sunday of Easter. However if your parish celebrates Ascension Sunday, you should be using this responsorial psalm: God Mounts His Throne (Psalm 47).

Story Behind the Song:
While the response (or antiphon) is new, I based the melody of the verses from an older psalm I wrote for Psalm 27: The Lord is My Light (Psalm 27).

Musical theory time: The response is in G- Major, but the verses are in E minor. They are both in the same key signature (with only 1 sharp: F#), but I tried mixing it up since E-minor is the relative minor of G-major anyway. For a discussion on relative major and minor, check this out.

Prayer-ware Intention:
Feel free to use this music for all non-commercial purposes. I ask for no payments or donations. I do however ask that you please pray for an intention for each song you use. For this psalm, please pray for: all priests — that they, united to the Heart of Christ, may always be true witnesses of the caring and merciful love of God

Final Word:
If this music is a blessing to you, feel free to spread the word. Join me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/MassMusicByLionel) so you get the latest music pieces and videos.

Christ Glorified in the Court of Heaven. by Fra Angelico. Circa 1423-24

Christ Glorified in the Court of Heaven. by Fra Angelico. Circa 1423-24