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Make Us Turn to You (Psalm 80) is the Responsorial psalm for the 1st Sunday in Advent, Cycle B. As befits Advent, the song yearns for the salvation that can only come from turning to the Lord.

Music sheet and download links after the jump.

Download Links:
PDF of the music piece
MuseScore file used to construct the music piece
MP3 file of the FULL song with vocals
MP3 file of the minus one (organ only)

Story Behind the Song:
With the advent season of 2011 and an entirely new cycle of readings (Cycle B) comes a new direction and sound for MassMusic. This psalm was composed on my little black music book, the organ was sequenced by using a mouse to draw in the notes, and the vocals were recorded in my car during lunch break at work. The end result I’m trying to get is to have it sound like it should sound with an organ as the main instrument. I will try this for the next couple of psalms while I have a little oasis of time to do so, but I can’t promise anything.

Song Usage Notes:

  • Sing response twice at the start so the congregation has a chance to learn it. Hold the notes at the very last response.
  • Keep tempo slow so that the eighth notes in the response aren’t difficult to sing.

Prayer Intention:
If you use this music, please do so for non-commercial purposes. I do ask that you please pray for an intention for each song you use. For this psalm, please pray for the Pope’s prayer intention for November 2011: that Eastern Catholic Churches and their venerable traditions may be known and esteemed as a spiritual treasure for the whole Church.

Final Word:
If this music is a blessing to you, feel free to spread the word. Join me on Facebook so you get the latest music pieces and videos — much earlier than on this blog.

God bless your music ministries. May your music help people reach Jesus our Lord in prayer!

Interior of a Gothic Cathedral with Evening Mass. Painting by Pieter the Elder Neeffs, circa 17th century.