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Responsorial psalm for Trinity Sunday, cycle B. This is a song proclaiming how blessed God’s people are with His love and protection over their lives.

Download the music sheet and guide MP3 after the jump.

Download Links: (via Mediafire)
PDF of the music sheet.
MuseScore file (for the MuseScore music notation freeware).
MP3 of the guide vocal.

Usage Notes:
Sing response twice at start and twice at end.

Story Behind the Song:
The music for this responsorial psalm is based on an earlier one I wrote: “Let Your Mercy Be on Us (Psalm 33).” The verses remain the same, the change happens in the words of the response (antiphon).

Prayer Intention:
If you use this psalm, please pray for those struggling with addiction, that the Lord may set them free and give them strength in the love of Jesus.

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Moses and Aaron leading the Israelites in the Exodus.

Moses and Aaron leading the Israelites in the Exodus.