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Responsorial psalm for the 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle C. Taken from Psalm 32, this psalm is set to a moderate 3/4 time signature and is a plaintive song conveying our sorrow and repentance and the Lord’s mercy.

Response text: “Lord, forgive the wrong I have done.”

(This was composed for the Sunday of 06/12/2016).

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Download Links:

All resources are downloadable from Google Drive.

  • MP3 full vocal recording (.mp3)
  • Minus one MP3 instrumental (.mp3)
  • PDF music sheet (.pdf)
  • MuseScore file (.mscz) – for use with MuseScore freeware notation program

Usage Notes:

Sing response twice at start and twice at the end.
Keep the tempo moderate.

Song Background:

All text was taken straight from the lectionary. See the USCCB website.

License and Usage:

As always, this music is provided free of charge and under a Creative Commons license, which means you are free to copy, redistribute, and reuse as you see fit. All I ask is you pray for the Catholic Church, for the protection and health of your parish priest and bishop, and for your music ministries.