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Responsorial psalm for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle C. Taken from Psalm 63, this is set to a moderate 3/4 time signature and conveys yearning for the Lord as if our souls were deserts. This is the second version of this responsorial psalm that I’ve set to music. The first is here.

Response text: “My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord, my God.”

(This was composed for the Sunday of 06/19/2016).

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Download Links:

All resources are downloadable from Google Drive.

  • MP3 full vocal recording (.mp3)
  • MP3 instrumental (.mp3)
  • PDF music sheet (.pdf)
  • MuseScore file (.mscz) – for use with MuseScore freeware notation program

Usage Notes:

Sing response twice at start and twice at the end.
Keep the tempo slow and constant.

Song Background:

All text was taken straight from the lectionary. See the USCCB website.

Psalm 63 is one of my favorite psalms as it speaks in visual metaphors of our lifelessness without God, our thirst for him as if water. Furthermore it expresses intense emotion in such a beautiful, poetic manner.

License and Usage:

As always, this music is provided free of charge and under a Creative Commons license, which means you are free to copy, redistribute, and reuse as you see fit. All I ask is you pray for the Catholic Church, for the protection and health of your parish priest and bishop, and for your music ministries.