File Types

The downloadable files on this website are in these categories:

DOC/PDF files:
Printable lyric sheets/music pieces. You will need Microsoft Word to open DOC files, or a freeware alternative such as AbiWord. And you will need Adobe Reader to open PDF files or a freeware alternative such as Foxit Reader.

MIDI files:
General MIDI files of the piano accompaniment, created for usage in parishes without accompanists but with access to a MIDI keyboard. MIDI files will also run on any PC with Windows Media Player or Winamp.

MP3 files:
Audio instrumental versions of the music, for your listening pleasure. And also as an audio reference for accompanists.

MuseScore files:
Files for use with the freeware music notation program MuseScore. Use these files if you want to transpose the piece up or down, or if you want to edit the notation. MuseScore is highly recommended!

MUS files:
These are files for use with the notation program FINALE or its freeware version FINALE NOTEPAD.


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