This page will list useful tools and resources for making music that glorifies the Lord!


FREE – Blank Music Sheet (10 Staves)
Printable PDF sheet using portrait orientation, containing 10 blank music staves on letter size paper (8.5 x 11 inches). Print your own music notebook!

Moleskine Pocket Music Notebook
Another way is to carry your notes around with you. Moleskines are kinda expensive but are of very good quality. If you have the budget and want to be able to jot down musical ideas while on the go, this is it. And it’s about the size of a 3×5 inch index card.


FREEWARE – MuseScore
Ever heard of programs like Sibelius or Finale? MuseScore is comparable to them. It’s a powerful, full-blown music notation software that can handle lead sheets as well as full orchestral scores. It can also play back your notation, so you can test if all is well. Everything you’ll ever need at a price that can’t be beat: it’s FREEWARE!

FREEWARE – Crescendo
If MuseScore scares you, and all you really need is a notation program without anything fancy (i.e. no MIDI playback of notes) then NCH Software has Crescendo. It’s not very flexible. But can be a good idea pad if you need it.


The New American Bible
The official Catholic Bible. Full text online at the USCCB site.

Today’s Mass Readings
Complete lectionary readings and psalms for all Sunday and daily Masses. Searchable by date and with a calendar view.


Search Creative Commons
Use it to find usable creative commons-licensed media for your projects.


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