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A Communion song for the liturgical season of Advent on the themes of yearning and waiting vigilantly for the Lord’s coming. The song is done in E-Major and uses a 3/4 time signature.

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Scriptural Basis:
The chorus is loosely based on Mark 13:33.
Verse one is based on Mark 13:33-35.
Verse two is based on Isaiah 64:3.

Story Behind the Song:
The song was written for, and first sung by, the BlueNotes Choir of Our Lady of Peace, Edsa Shrine in the Philippines back in November 2005.

Now that I’m reviewing the song years after I wrote it, I realize the only thing vaguely Christmas-y about it is the chorus. The two verses speak about the second coming of the Lord more than His first. However it still fits the theme of Advent since it is the season of waiting and anticipation for the Lord’s coming — whether it be His incarnation at the Nativity or His triumphant return at the Second Coming.

Usage Notes:
The song was written to be a short Communion song for the season of Advent. It can be easily used as a secondary Communion song, or a reflection song post-communion.

Andrea Mantegna - The Adoration of the Shepherds
Andrea Mantegna – The Adoration of the Shepherds